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Elaine Maye, LCSW-R, CFC, MFT founder of Goal Focus Psychotherapy Services, PLLC  is offering a unique program called “Beyond the Couch" (BTC)  "Relationship Focus".  Elaine has over 25 years experience as a Psychotherapist and welcomes you to this new practice. The therapeutic intervention combined with coaching is an program that blends the two entities of psychotherapy and coaching together to optimize a successful outcome to relationship issues.

This exclusive intervention can be provided in three different platforms. The first option couples can engage in virtual sessions in the comfort of their own home.  The second option is that couples can receive intervention through both virtual and telephonic sessions.  

We've recently added a weekend retreat option. This  is where a  couple can schedule a private three day magical weekend retreat. A couples can engage in a exclusive relationship enrichment training retreat.  The fully equipped  retreat home is located in the historic town of Marietta Georgia.  During the retreat, couples will receive a gourmet meal prepared in front of them along with other complementary treats to make their trip more exciting. There is an option of receiving a his and hers message by a licensed masseuse.  We will even provide you with several date night ideas.

Beyond the couch (BTC) is a program that is designed to help those with busy schedules . It provides a way for you to meet without the stress or concerns of travel.  It allows for more flexibility in scheduling appointments which can improve the outcome of overall results.   

As a  Life and Relationship Coach,  Elaine and her Co-facilitator will discuss various topics to help participants learn how to develop interactive skills to improve their relationship.  She has successfully helped individuals and couples  by incorporating evidence based intervention. She will periodically have a guest Co-facilitator to add to your  knowledge base experience.  

Beyond the Couch will incorporate psychotherapy and coaching skills to help participants.  The objective is to teach participants how to achieve and maintain fulfilling relationships. We will cover topics such as:

How to work through relationship problems for singles and couples (marriage and pre-marriage).

How partners and individuals can address psychological and emotionally charged issues in a relationship.

How to put your feelings into words for effectively communicate interpersonally.

Learn and understand sexual enhancement and challenges with males / females and how they can be addressed.

Elaine Maye is a graduate of Adelphi University School of Social Work . She has continued her education by obtaining certification from various education institutions such as Columbia University and Relationship Coaching Institutions,  John and Julie Gottman training, Certified Prepare and Enrich Pre-marital and Marriage Coach Certification. 

 Retreat weekends are held in Marietta, Georgia.  We ask that you reserve at least 3 weeks in advance. Please call for more information and pricing.

For more information please email: [email protected] or call for more information.  Click on Request an Appointment where you will be asked to provide necessary contact information or you can call to register.  discuss the payment options available.

We hope you will take this step towards this  LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE.

"YOU ARE AMAZING remember that"

Elaine Maye, LCSW, CFC, MFT


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